Customer Letters

Thank you for helping us take our dream house from inside our heads onto paper and then becoming a reality. Our home is beautiful! Your wonderful ideas, hard work, and patience was very much appreciated. We’ve been spreading good words about Phil & Lee’s. You’ve done a wonderful job.

– C & A

Thank you so much for your support with helping us to solve our flooring problem. The floor has been replaced. There are no creaks or squeaks any place. It is wonderful. We are very happy with it. Thank you again for your support.

– L & D

We can’t begin to thank you for all the help you gave us in getting a new home. You gave us so many good ideas and got our home a month ahead of time.

We just love our home and so does everyone else. You were such a big help.

– B & S

We just want to say how happy we are that you are our builder and that Stratford is our home!! We have been watching the home going up and over and over we say “Thank You! Thank You!” Rick and Stratford!! Our home is first class and you are THE BEST!! Your advice and guidance did so much more for us than we even realized at the time. I will be saying similar things to Stratford. 

– H

Just a note to tell you how happy we are with our new home. Your patience and understanding during this past year are truly appreciated.

Your staff are wonderful and go above and beyond their list of things to do. Bill is an example of this. The goal seemed to be that we were pleased and happy with the end results and your staff takes pride in that. Thank you.

– J & R

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our home buying a positive experience. We really appreciate the way you were always there to answer all of our questions, your knowledge, the prompt service, and the quality of our home.

Both of my brothers plan on buying a home in the next couple of years and we will definitely send them and whoever else your way!!!

– P & D

We are writing this note to express our appreciation of the extra time and effort given to us by Cindy. If an award can be given, Cindy surely deserves one. Her professional qualities and attentiveness to detail are superb.

Cindy was one of our primary reasons for choosing Phil & Lee’s Homes.

– T & S

I had been in my house about a year and a half. I woke up Saturday morning to find I had no water. When I went into the crawl space to check the pump I discovered I had plenty of water under the house. I thought a pipe had burst. So I called Phil and Lee’s to ask for help, hoping they could give me the name of a plumber I could call. What I got was Dennis one of the owners, he came out with a flash light and a sump pump. Upon inspection we discovered water had penetrated the foundation walls, because we had a quick thaw. He pumped out my crawl space only to find the control switch on the pump was fried from all the water, he went to Marinette twenty miles away to purchased a new switch, installed the switch and we had water again, they have since made correction to insure it never happens again. I received quality service before the sale; I never expected this kind of service after the sale. I have and will continue to recommend Phil and Lee’s.

– M & T

We wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with our Stratford home and have received many nice compliments on it.

It was a real pleasure to work with Cindy. From our first visit to your office to the final placement of the home she worked with us every step of the way – offering suggestions, advice and support. Cindy is a true professional., Whenever we had a problem or concern, she took care of it promptly and she kept us well informed. She never failed to return a call and went out of her way to be helpful.

The crew that came out to do the finishing work was also very efficient and we appreciated their willingness to please. Bill, with his bag of tricks, was another plus.

You can be sure we will spread the word about Phil and Lee’s Homes – in fact, we have done so already. Keep up the good work and kudos to Cindy and the rest of your employees.

– R

We are tremendously pleased with the house. I was absolutely certain there would be some sacrifices in quality, but we’ve lived here almost a month and still have not detected a single that. Imagine that!

You have some very, very satisfied customers in the Cheboygan area. We sincerely appreciate your efforts, as well s as the efforts of the guys you have working with you. They were an impressive bunch, I must admit.

A plumbing inspector stopped by for a final inspection and was STUNNED to discover that the house was brought in on wheels. He was very impressed. Rest assures, we’re spreading the word about Stratford Homes.

– L & L

We ordered a home thru your company this spring and have finally been able to begin moving into our new home. From the first dealings with your representative, Rick LaMarch, we have been very satisfied. Any questions or problems that have occurred were handled very promptly and with satisfaction. The quality of the house and all other work performed in and on the house has been of the best workmanship, not only our opinion, but other people also have noted this .

We will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in purchasing a new home.

Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given to us.

– D & G

Thank you for all your help this past summer in the purchase and placement of my new Stratford Home. I had been looking for a manufactured home for the last couple of years and was ready to give up until I decided to look into modular and got in touch with Cindy. She was the first person to actually listen to what I wanted. I wish I had come to you folks first rather than go through what I did with some of the other salespeople and dealerships I dealt with. Every question I asked you two had an answer for. You both took time to explain things. Once I finally decided on a floor plan, the process went very quickly. Your work crews and service people were great and very professional.

I am looking forward to retiring in this home some day and I feel I made a good choice. You can bet that if I come across anyone looking for a new home, I will send them your way.

– M

We are extremely happy and satisfied with all aspects of the house. We don’t plan on ever building another house. However, if we did have to it would be a Stratford Home and I would only buy it from your company.

Rest assured you and your company will receive only the highest recommendations from us.

You have an open invitation to visit us whenever you are in the area. We now have the guest bedroom furnished when its necessary for you to stay overnight.

We also want to comment on your employee, Patty. She is a fine representative of your company. Her enthusiasm and willingness to work with the customer is refreshing.

Thank you for the peace of mind concerning our new home.

– H & G

We love our Stratford home. Now that we are settled into our new retirement home on beautiful Lake Independence we want to thank you for your patience and help in designing our dream home.

The size is perfect for when our children, grandkids, and relatives visit. We love all the windows and have noticed how quiet it is when the wind blows. My kitchen is a dream and I can’t tell you how often I have used the island. I’ve even enjoyed cooking!

Your dream team of Jim, Rob, Gus, and Scott have been fantastic. They do excellent work and are friendly and hard workers. They deserve a raise!

Stratford is very lucky to have you as their representative.

– M & R

We want to thank you for the great home we have. It was quite the undertaking with all the planning and various changes. We never expected it to be just what we had dreamed – but it is! Planning and seeing it are two different things. The very first time across the threshold was enough to produce tears of joy.

All the people you contracted were great – the masons for the basement and garage floor were an excellent crew. The excavation was really amazing too. The set crew was unbelievable. The electrician contracted we have recommended to others.

Everyone knew their job and the combined effort was great.

We have told others about our Stratford Home from Phil & Lee’s and enjoy showing it off. We are so very pleased we chose Phil & Lee’s to buy our home from. From the moment Cindy re-designed the floor plan on our first visit, to meeting with Rick on site for decisions, to contacting Patty for repairs, all have been very courteous. When we called we received answers and friendly responses. Thank you all for fulfilling our dreams!

– D & D

The process of building a home is one of the most formidable tasks that any homeowner must face. There are so many issues that can present themselves from start to finish that to have an advocate that makes the process less daunting is truly a blessing. The experience that Phil & Lee’s contributed was invaluable.

We cannot say enough about the quality of our Stratford Home or the exceptional service on the part of the staff of Phil & Lee’s who we found to be responsive and professional at every encounter. The work of the field crew was also outstanding.

In particular, we would like to take this opportunity to commend Cindy for the wonderful job that she did when we built our Stratford Home on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Cindy’s professionalism, knowledge of the process, calm demeanor and skillful navigation was an absolute benefit to us during the planning of our home. She paid attention to every detail and followed through on each request that we made, regardless of how small, conveying every change to the factory. We cannot think of any issue or challenge that Cindy was not able to address quickly and accurately.

Cindy’s commitment to us and our home contributed to a successful outcome resulting in a fabulous house that far exceeded our expectations. We truly believe that Cindy is an asset to your company.

– J & J

Both of us would like to express our personal appreciation for all your efforts in the planning, building, and delivering our Stratford Home.

From the outset in developing the plans and the set, through the construction and finishing of both the inside and the outside of the home, we consider your assistance and the quality of the finished home – our retirement home – to be superlative. Your attention to detail was outstanding and your willingness and cooperation in making “adjustments” as the construction proceeded was excellent.

Now that we are settled in and enjoying our home to the fullest extent, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for all your assistance. The requirements for last minute changes and the assistance we received throughout the construction and even after its completion have been terrific. Your prompt resolution and assistance in accomplishing follow-on requirements was also first-rate. Your crew -including particularly Bill – has always been most helpful, considerate and cooperative. You all are a real team and one that you should be very proud of.

Again, we appreciate for all your help in making our dream home come to pass. We are very, very satisfied with how our home has turned out and for all your help· throughout the whole process. It has been a real pleasure working with you and you made this all much easier than we ever imagined and we can’t thank you enough.

– A & T

I have lived in a mobile home for almost my whole life, and I have always been happy. Three years ago my husband got a new job. This made it possible for us to look into building a new home. We looked at many different options, and we ultimately decided to go with a modular home. We went to Phil N Lee’s homes and took a tour of their models. I thought they were great and affordable. I liked that we could play a huge part in picking out everything from flooring and countertops to what kind of shower or faucet we wanted. They had many beautiful and quality options to choose from.

Phil and the staff were extremely helpful. They were open to our suggestions and willing to be honest when something would not work. We were thankful for their knowledgeable input. The guys that worked on our home were very efficient and always polite. We were constantly walking in on a daily basis and they always took the time to talk to us.

My husband and I both have very busy schedules so when Phil & Lee’s told us they could arrange all of the subcontracting we were very happy. Along with a home we have a full walkout basement and an attached two car garage. The masons, the plumbers, equipment operators and the guys who moved our old mobile home were great.

I would not hesitate to recommend Phil and Rick and all of staff and subcontractors to anyone. I now have a beautiful quality home that I am proud of. My children can’t wait to have friends over and my husband and 1 are also excited to entertain our friends and family. We are looking forward to building many memories together as a family in our beautiful home. It still seems unreal that it is ours, but it is thanks to Phil & Lee’s Homes.

– D & D

I want to take a moment to write to you ALL about our experience purchasing a Modular Home from Phil and Lee’s. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about every step of this undertaking and its outcome! Each step of the process was fun, exciting and amazing!

We had our foundation dug in June, the house was delivered in July, and we moved into it in September. Incredible!!

When we were able to walk into our brand new home for the first time we were overwhelmed with its beauty! Even empty and not completely finished we felt it’s comfort. We were both immediately pleased with the quality of simply everything! We LOVE the cupboards, the hardware, the appliances, the doors, the huge windows, the blinds on every window, the cute valance style curtains in the main rooms, the shelves in every closet, the color of the walls, the unexpected seats in the shower surrounds, oh, I could go on and on here. 

What we especially want to comment on was how enjoyable every one of Phil and Rick’s contractors were! Each of them were as nice and courteous as those that hired them. And the attention we received at every turn … we rate the follow up service as 5 stars, an 11 if 10 is the top measure, if the choice is Poor to Excellent… definitely an Excellent rating!!

We’ve been saying Thank you a lot over this summer and we couldn’t be more sincere as we say our final Thank Yous to Phil and Lee’s. We have already been recommending this group to friends of ours and will continue to do so forever more! 🙂

– B & H

Thank you for all your help with our new home. It’s a lot of stress but with all your help you are making this a fun project.

– B & C

Thank you so much for all your help with our new house. We love it!

– L & B

Thank you for everything. The house is perfect!

– P

Thank you for the old-fashioned customer service. You are great at what you do. Thank you for your help, knowledge, and patience when we were making decisions.

– D & A

Our house is great! We wouldn’t change a thing. And it was wonderful doing business with all of you. 

– B & D

Thank you for making our new home a reality. We love it.

– J & J

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help… this project would have taken many years without you. Thanks so much.

– T & J

Thank you for the quality home we got. It sure is nice!! Thank Cindy for her time on the computer, Mike and his helpers, Jim and his crew, Bill, the plumber, the electrician, and the furnace guys. You all did a great job. It is more than I dreamed of – thanks!

– J & J

When we purchased a lot on Mackinac Island, Mich., the challenge of actually building a cottage seemed daunting until we consulted with Cindy of Phil & Lee’s Home in Wells, Mich. Thanks to her, we achieved our goal of personally designing and building a custom Queen Anne Victorian cottage in April 2006.

Her knowledge of the construction industry, strong working relationships with key players, creativity and communication skills made the process seamless. We were able to design in several unique features and meet stringent exterior architectural requirements due to her understanding of island building codes and community guidelines. Construction began on the home in September 2005 and was completed within an impressive seven months.

Not only are we thrilled with the results, we’re impressed with the fact we were able to lock in building costs on an island known for its construction challenges and exorbitant costs. We highly recommend Cindy and the entire Phil & Lee’s/Stratford Homes team to anyone interested in designing and pre-constructing a custom home to stick-built building codes.

Cindy demonstrated creativity and exceptional attention to detail-throughout the design process. As a team, we brainstormed different floor plans, special features (i.e. turrets and floating cabinets) along with authentic Victorian architectural details, and then she consulted with Stratford designers to make our ideas feasible. As the liaison with designers and construction managers at Stratford Homes in Stratford, Wisc., Cindy ensured all details were covered in the design and pre-construction of our 2,200 sq. ft. home, which was built in seven pieces. She also coordinated the delivery of the modules, which traveled by truck and barge before being set in place by skilled tradesman using a crane.

Throughout the process, we have been impressed with Cindy’s industry knowledge, communication skills, initiative and commitment to exceeding our expectations. Our journey through the construction process with Cindy has been fun and rewarding. Finally, we thank her for making our dream vacation home a reality.

– D & J

Dreams really do come true. My husband, T and I recently purchased a Stratford Home from Phil and Lees. We are firm believers that couples should own two types of homes. The first needs to be a child­rearing home and the last home needs to be a special home for mom and dad, with all the special little gadgets to pamper themselves and make their lives easier, after the kids are grown and have left the nest.

We currently own a five-bedroom, 3,000 square foot log home. We decided early in the spring that it was time to make our dream come true. We own I 0.6 acres on the river, which is located three quarters of a mile from our current home.

With the help of Rick of Phil & Lee’s, we started the planning process in early March. Our first order of business was to pick a home with the closest floor plan and exterior, to what we wanted. We worked closely together, with Rick, for several months paying attention to every detail, including placement of outlets, fireplace, toilet and sink in the mud room, etc. I made so many changes to the original floor plans that our home turned out to be exactly what we wanted and nothing close to the original floor plan. We knew exactly what we wanted, and we decided early on in our plans that we would not settle for anything less. After many months of planning and changes we finally were ready to order our home on July 1st. We were somewhat hesitant – after all we hadn’t seen a model of our home and we had no idea if we would like the changes that we made to the original floor plans. Also, this was a large investment for us.

Well, I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised and excited we were when our home was delivered, it was like Christmas for us, and the house was beautiful. We made minor changes (changing the tiles around the fireplace, the direction that the living room patio door opened, etc.).

Rick and his men were excellent in their workmanship and professionalism. If I wanted something changed all I needed to do was ask and it was done. How’s that for service? It was wonderful, I sure felt pampered.

Thanks, Phil & Lee’s for making our dream come true and a heartfelt thanks to Rick and the crew of Phil &Lee’s for the wonderful job and their extreme patience with us. They were a lifeline to our sanity during the construction process.

– C & T

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