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Prefabricated Homes

“Prefab” simply means a home or its sections are built offsite, typically in a factory, before being transported to your site. Modular, manufactured, and mobile homes are all types of prefabricated houses.


Modular homes are site built homes produced in a factory under ideal conditions. That means all materials are kept dry, they are always under the cover of a roof. The carpenters, plumber and electricians never have to worry about the weather; it’s always short sleeve weather in the plant. Modular homes are built to the same high standard of site built homes. The plans and specifications for each modular are first approved by the state for the area the home will be placed. While the home is under construction a third party inspector checks for proper installation of electrical and plumbing systems throughout the construction process to ensure the home meets the high standards set by the state for new home construction.


HUD, steel frames, and so forth.


Changed in 1976, like vehicles, now only tiny homes.

Site Built Homes

Weather delays, fewer quality inspections, poor cost control, unknown workmen…

Prefab Homes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk material purchasing allows the manufacturer to purchase high quality components at box store prices. Combine this with the efficiency of an assembly line, a seasoned work force in an environmentally controlled work place and you get the highest quality for the lowest possible price.

Depending on your choices, your home can be as unique as you. Multiple exterior designs are available that can make your home distinctive, undetectable from your site built neighbors. We have been a modular home builder for over 40 years, serving the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin for all those years. Put our experience to work for you!

No. Modular homes are treated the same as a site built home by financial institutions and appraisers. In many cases modular are a preferred form of construction to site built because of the construction time and the available cost controls.

Contact us to set up an appointment to talk about your plans and dreams. There is never a charge to explore your options. You have the questions and we have the answers to your housing needs. Start your search for a new home with us.

While both types of homes are built in a factory, a modular home is built to meet or exceed the B.O.C.A. Code and the individual state building codes, the same as a site built home.

Manufactured homes are built to meet the HUD code. The same manufactured home can be placed in any number of states without alteration. The modular home has to be built for the area it will be placed. A manufactured home comes with a metal frame which is a permanent part of the structure. The modular home is shipped on a returnable carriage.

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