The Modular Advantage

Modular homes come in a wide array of styles and with endless options. 

TV host and home building expert Mike Holmes, who spoke at the Building Systems Councils Hospitality Lounge during the 2018 International Builders Show, sang the praises of modular home construction in a recent article.

“Over the years, I’ve become a fan of modular home design and construction. These homes are pre-fabricated in controlled factory settings that, when done well, can have a higher quality-control standard than possible with building on site.” – Mike Holmes

Our modular homes offer superior quality and workmanship. Here is why modular homes have the advantage:

Less Time

  • Double up: Prepare your site while your home is built.
  • Rain, sleet, or snow: Weather has little impact on your completion date because modular homes are built in a climate-controlled factory.
  • Know your schedule: Refined state-of-the-art processes mean your home is delivered on-time.

Better Value

  • Controlled costs: With modular home construction there are no hidden costs, surprise expenses, or last minute budget overruns.
  • Buying power: Factories buy materials in bulk which drives down the cost compared to your local builder.
  • Energy efficiency: Precision state-of-the-art building methods means a well-built energy efficient home.

Better Quality

  • Continuous inspections: Quality control is maintained by constant inspection at every stage of construction.
  • Climate control: Your home is built indoors, shielded from the elements and moisture. 
  • Experts you can trust: Experienced craftsmen, refined techniques, and superior equipment result in consistently exceptional build quality.
  • Top quality materials: Our manufacturers use quality lumber and choice components.

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